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Issue Number 41, 22 October 2003

ISSN 1443-0797

Editors: Eric Lindsay and Jean Weber

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Dreamtime by Air Expedition - Part 2
Reminder -- Australian 2004 calendars now available
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Dreamtime by Air Expedition - Part 2

In August we joined a 14-day expedition into remote areas of South Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland, and included stops at several places that require permits or special permission to enter, and some that are only accessible by air. We travelled in two chartered 10-seater Piper Navajo Chieftain aircraft.

The trip was awesome. Words (and even photographs) are not really going to convey the experience, but we'll do our best. For further information about these expeditions, see http://www.dreamtimebyair.com.au/ -- note that the itineraries shown on the website are examples only; each year's trip is somewhat different, and this year's was very different from anything shown on the website.

Our trip report (with photographs) starts here: http://www.avalook.com.au/airtrip2003/index.htm

The second installment is here: http://www.avalook.com.au/airtrip2003/part2.htm

It covers:
Day 4, Thursday 14 August, Kings Canyon, Finke Gorge and Palm Valley
Day 5, Friday 15 August, gorges of the West MacDonnell Ranges
Day 6, Saturday 16 August, Davenport Ranges and Devils Marbles

At the moment we have only the first six days on the website, but we'll be adding more as soon as we have time.

Continued next issue...


Reminder -- Australian 2004 calendars now available

For a great gift, inspiration when planning a trip, or reminder of past trips you've taken, check out the 2004 Australian calenders available from Calendars.com. Each calendar has 12 beautiful photos. Most calendar pages have an image of the back cover, showing thumbnails of all 12 photos. http://www.avalook.com.au/shop/calendar.htm

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