Our motor home - SOLD!

The motor home -- click for larger pictureThe motor home -- click for larger pictureHere are some photos of our motorhome. (Click them to see a larger version.) We wish we could say that it looks like a modern, attractive, streamlined Winnebago, but it doesn't. It looks like someone had cut some windows in a container and stuck it, complete with an awning on one side, on top of the chassis of a large, tall 4-wheel-drive Toyota Hino truck.

Although it sleeps 4, it really only seats 2 when driving - though you could add a seat in the cab for a small child. You definitely wouldn't want anyone riding in the back, and there is no way to get directly from the cab into the back.

Interior, looking toward front - click for larger pictureInterior, looking toward back - click for larger pictureThe truck has been fitted with over 500 litres of long range fuel tanks, giving it a nearly 2000 kilometre range. It has 600 litres of water tanks, for desert driving. It has a hand winch for lowering the heavy spare tyres from on top, and a built in ladder for reaching the top. On top are storage racks, two new spare tyres, and four 64 watt shade tolerant Unisolar solar cells. Numerous doors low on the body hide lots of storage space. There is a 2.3 kVA Onan generator, gas bottles for the stove, and space for spare jerrycans of generator fuel.

As well as the two truck batteries for the 24 volt system, there are four deep discharge home power batteries, an auxiliary charging regulator, and a 350 watt sine wave inverter. The Heron reverse cycle air conditioner in the living area really would be better run off mains power.

Another ladder, extending from under the body, is for entering the living quarters ... and you need the ladder to reach the screen door.

Floor plan and elevation diagramInside, closest to the cab are two bunks with reading lights, privacy curtains, and book racks, while at the back is a double bed, next to the Morflo hot water system shower and toilet. The stove is a four burner gas SMEV marine version, while the 150 litre fridge and freezer run off the solar cells.

The most impressive sight is the absolute dedication to making use of all possible space for storage. In our long search for a suitable vehicle, we had visited lots of motor homes at different Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia rallies, but I had never seen a motorhome with storage space as organised as in this purpose built model. Nor is the space just "space". Almost all of it is done as drawers, with good quality glide supports, and all the doors latch closed with recessed marine safety catches. The kitchen area even has pull-out pantry shelves, with the shelves spaced to match common foodstuff boxes.

We had to get our drivers' licenses upgraded to a truck class. We were surprised how easy it was to learn to drive the truck, once we got over the shock of being in such a large vehicle (our other car is rather small).

Now that we've taken it on some trips, we've decided it's just a bit big for the two of us (it was originally built for a couple with two children), but it will probably turn out to be ideal for our planned around-Australia jaunt in 2002.

Motorhome equipment location and instructions for use