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Tag-along and other outback tours

When you prefer not to go alone

We’re not usually very keen on organised tours, but sometimes they are just what we want. If the road is too rough, or the location is too remote, or the best way to get there is by air or sea, we’ll look for a 1- to 3-day tour (occasionally longer) and let someone else worry about the details or the rough road driving.

Another good choice (which we haven’t tried yet) is a tag-along tour. That’s where you drive your own (or a rental) vehicle, but you’re with a small group of other vehicles and a guide. If you have trouble – anything from a flat tyre, to getting bogged in sand or mud, to a major breakdown – other people are there to assist you. But you don’t have to put up with other people all day, as on a tour bus, if that doesn’t appeal to you.

We’re starting to collect some information about outback tours, including tag-along tours, and will put them on this page. For awhile this will be a disorganised, incomplete page, and we welcome your suggestions for items to add to it.

Tours using their vehicle and driver

Australian Leisuretime Adventures
Provides personalised Flinders Ranges (South Australia) and other outback 4WD small group experiences.
Aussie Heritage Tours
Also provides specialised tours into the Flinders Ranges and outback South Australia.

Tag-along tours (you drive)

Aussie Outback Tours
Provides outback self-drive tours for people with caravans, motorhomes, or any kind of RV [recreational vehicle] who wish to explore the outback with the benefit of an experienced team. Several itineraries are available.
Just Cruisin 4WD Tours
Operating out of Adelaide, Just Cruisin provide personalised and group adventure and aboriginal cultural 4WD tours throughout South Australia and the Northern Territory. Destinations include Uluru (Ayers Rock), Alice Springs, Coober Pedy, Flinders Ranges and Kangaroo Island.
Guides to Adventure
Based in Atherton, North Queensland, they offer tag-along tours to Cape York, The Kimberley, Arnhem Land, and other remote outback areas.
Adventure Tours Australia
Based in Batemans Bay, NSW, this company has tours to several remote parts of the country, including Cape York, Simpson Desert, Canning Stock Route, The Kimberley, and others.

Page last updated 26 October 2007